At Krav Maga SF, our Teen Girls Self Defense Seminar (for teens 14-19) will give your daughter a solid foundation in physical and verbal self-defense that will help keep her safe and empowered in all areas of life. Sadly, young women are at the highest risk of sexual assault and rape.  The good news is that young women can learn to make smart choices, stay out of danger and defend themselves against violent attacks. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that your child is aware, confident and able to defend herself against common violent and sexual attacks.

Your little girl has grown up so fast. They are driving, going on dates and off to college! How will you protect them now?

After this workshop, your daughter will be able to effectively speak up, set boundaries, and protect herself in real-life situations. Students will increase their awareness and reaction to potential threats as well as build their confidence, so they may have an easier time navigating through teen and college life.  Students not only learn the technical skills of self-defense and boundary setting, but also embody their self-worth and physiological ability to stand up for themselves.

Note: Please bring a bag lunch for our lunch break.

In Teen Girls Self Defense Seminar students will learn:

  • How to kick, knee, punch and strike effectively (even as a smaller person)
  • To defend common attacks including rape, being pinned against a wall, bear hugs, and wrist grabs
  • To define boundaries and verbal boundary setting skills
  • To handle potentially dangerous partying, and dating scenarios
  • To read dangerous scenarios & awareness of surroundings

This seminar is open to all who identify as female.

To continue your journey in self defense and fitness, we offer 14 Krav Maga Level 1 classes every week, where you can reinforce all the great confidence building and physical skills you learned in the seminar, and much more.  Fitness classes include TRX, Conditioning, and Yoga. 

I didn’t know how much I needed to take this seminar until I did it.  No matter who you are, I can’t recommend it enough.  Emily and the other instructors are wonderful and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!”

*NOTE: Cancellation Policy – The seminar is limited to a small number of participants. If you cancel upto 14 days before the program starts you will get a full refund. 13 days before the program starts there is a $50 charge for cancelling. No refunds within 48 hours of the event as we cannot sell your place to someone else so you must use the payment toward a regular membership, sign up for another future seminar/challenge, or give your space to another person. Tickets are fully transferable.

Date and Time:

Sunday October 6th, 2019
11:00 am to 6:00 pm


1455 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA


Non-members: $179

Members: $129**

**NOTE: Adult members are able to buy member pricing
on behalf of their children.”

This seminar is the second
in a trio of women’s self defense seminars.

Emily is offering three seminars for females:

1. Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar 

2. Teen Girls Self-Defense Seminar

3. Women’s 2-Day Seminar 

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About the teacher

Women's self defense, Women's 2 Day Seminar, Teen Self Defense Seminar and Krav Maga Instructor Emily Webb - Empowering Women of all Backgrounds

Krav Maga Blue Belt Emily Webb:

In 2004, Krav Maga literally found me when I was in dire in need of self defense skills and building my personal power. As a survivor of childhood abuse, several confrontations and a violent attack I felt like I must have had the word victim written across my forehead. Since starting my Krav Maga training, I no longer live in fear, I have erased the word victim from my vocabulary, and people no longer mess with me. Now as an instructor, I have developed our women’s self defense program, which runs several introductory and 2 day intensive programs each year. I am proud to pass on the lessons that I discovered through Krav Maga, and foster the growth and confidence of my students.

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