Get fit and trained in Krav Maga
in the sun, sand and water at Ocean Beach!

Krav Maga Tactical Beach Training

Join us for a Krav Maga Tactical Beach Training workout at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on Sunday August 25th, 2019 at 9:00 am sharp.  While no prior Krav Maga experience is needed, you will be tested by Krav Maga Instructors Edwin (Worst Case Scenario) Diaz, Wade (Timebomb) Pitts.

This event will involve training in techniques of Krav Maga, exercising on and in the sand/water, and team based challenges.

What to expect:

It will be strenuous, possibly cold, and definitely wet and sandy. Plan accordingly!

Clothes: Wear wicking fabrics and avoid cotton.
Food: Bring your own liquids and food. Be sure they are easy to eat. Don’t experiment with new foods/supplements for this training.
Hygiene: There will be limited access to restrooms due to the location.
Penalties: There is a 20 burpee buy in for the following infractions:

  • Being late
  • Whining

Bonus: There will be hot coffee and donuts provided for anyone who wants to quit during training.

9:00 am – Introduction
9:15 am – Warm Up
9:30 am – Drills/Exercises
10:15 am – Break
10:30 am – Techniques and Training
11:15 am – Team Based Challenges
12:00 pm – Wrap Up

*NOTE: Cancellation Policy – The seminar is limited to a small number of participants. If you cancel upto 14 days before the program starts you will get a full refund. 13 days before the program starts there is a $50 charge for cancelling. No refunds within 48 hours of the event as we cannot sell your place to someone else so you must use the payment toward a regular membership, sign up for another future seminar/challenge, or give your space to another person. Tickets are fully transferable.

Date and Time:

Sunday August 25th, 2019

9:00 am to 12:00 noon


Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA
Rally at the north end of the Ocean Beach parking lot, across from end of Balboa Street

*Price: $99

*Non-Member Price: $129

About the teachers

Guest Instructor to be Announced.

Krav Maga Instructor Wade Pitts
  • Brown Belt
  • Expert 3 Instructor
  • Instructor Since 2013

Krav Maga Instructor Wade Pitts:

While I had been actively looking at a martial art to get involved in, I first heard of Krav Maga from the Discovery Channel series ‘Human Weapon.’  More than any of the martial arts they covered, they described Krav Maga as intense! I passed by the Krav Maga studio daily and finally gave it a try. I was hooked. As an active triathlete, Krav Maga resonated with me, combining a great work out and education.

Krav Maga Challenge Instructor and KMSF Owner and Founder Barny Foland Improvised Weapons and Shields Seminar
  • Black Belt
  • Chinese Boxing Sifu 2nd Level
  • Owner and Instructor since 1999

Krav Maga instructor Barny Foland:

I’m a certified San Quan Dao – Chinese Boxing Black Belt and Krav Maga San Francisco Head Instructor & Founder. In 1999 I was given the opportunity to train in Krav Maga and be certified as an instructor. I had been training in Chinese Boxing style for about 9 years and teaching for about a year. After my first day of Krav Maga training, I realized the difference between self defense and martial arts. Learning a system that works for everyone all the time, no matter how small the defender is and how big the attacker is, made me want to teach everyone.

Read more about Barny…

Krav Maga Instructor Edwin Diaz
  • Brown Belt
  • Phase B Instructor
  • Instructor Since 2013

Krav Maga instructor Edwin Diaz:

Edwin first heard about Krav Maga San Francisco when he moved from New York to California in 2010. He was looking for a place to train martial arts and found KMSF.  He attended a free-trial class and signed up the same day. Edwin has trained Krav Maga for seven years and became an instructor, purely because he enjoys teaching and coaching students.