Sexual Assault Prevention is necessary because every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted, and 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female.
Sadly, we live in a culture that has normalized sexual violence against women.  However, at Krav Maga SF we are dedicated to educating and empowering women with real-life skills defend themselves against harassment and sexual assault.  No matter your age, size, or fitness level all women can learn to defend sexual assault, or even better stop it before it begins.

You’ll use your minds, voices, and bodies to empower yourself and learn how to defend various types of sexual assault.


  • Techniques to defend against common sexual assault and rape attacks including chokes/pins against the wall and attacks from the ground.
  • Foundational techniques of self-defense and striking effectively.
  • How read the ‘danger signs’ before an assault happens.
  • How to cultivate your physical and mental strength and confidence.

Build confidence and real-life self-defense skills for on the street and in your life. Sign up now!

Krav Maga is one of the most effective and practical sexual assault prevention systems in the world today. It’s well-suited for women and people of any size or ability because it leverages simple body mechanics (instead of strength).

This seminar is open to all who identify as female.

To continue your journey in self defense and fitness, KMSF also offers 14 Krav Maga Level 1 classes every week, where you can reinforce all the great confidence building and physical skills you learned in the seminar, and much more.  Fitness classes include TRX, Conditioning, and Yoga.

“I’ve spent the majority of my life in a chronic state of fear and anxiety. Through this seminar I was able to revisit some of my biggest fears and rewire my nervous system. It’s life-changing and I’m so grateful. I think every female bodied person should have access to this power, strength, skill and confidence.”

*NOTE: Cancellation Policy – The challenge is limited to a small number of participants. If you cancel 14 days before the program starts you will get a full refund. 7 days before the program starts there is a $50 charge for cancelling. If you cancel after the challenge starts there will be no refunds as we cannot give your place to someone else so you must use the payment toward a regular membership, sign up for another future challenge, or give your space to another person.

The January 18th, Sexual Assault Prevention Women’s Seminar is currently full.

If you are interested in attending our next Sexual Assault Prevention Women’s Seminar please submit your name to our waiting list below. Also if a space opens up in our January 18th seminar you will be notified. first come fist served.

Thank you.

-the Krav Maga SF staff.

Sexual Assault Prevention Women’s Seminar, Waiting List

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About the teacher

Women's self defense, Women's 2 Day Seminar, Teen Self Defense Seminar and Krav Maga Instructor Emily Webb - Empowering Women of all Backgrounds

Krav Maga Blue Belt Emily Webb:

In 2004, Krav Maga literally found me when I was in dire in need of self defense skills and building my personal power. As a survivor of childhood abuse, several confrontations and a violent attack I felt like I must have had the word victim written across my forehead. Since starting my Krav Maga training, I no longer live in fear, I have erased the word victim from my vocabulary, and people no longer mess with me. Now as an instructor, I have developed our women’s self defense program, which runs several introductory and 2 day intensive programs each year. I am proud to pass on the lessons that I discovered through Krav Maga, and foster the growth and confidence of my students.

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