Krav Maga Challenge Instructor and KMSF Owner and Founder Barny Foland Improvised Weapons and Shields Seminar

Barny Foland

Owner and Co-Founder

As a certified instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW) self defense combat since 1999, Barny was trained directly by Darren Levine. Darren was hand-picked by Krav Maga founder Emrich “Imi” Lichtenfeld, to develop the training program in the United States, now encompassing hundreds of KMW training facilities worldwide. Darren also coaches and guides many of Hollywood’s A-list actors and actresses in preparation of action movies, while heading the KMW’s US headquarters in Los Angeles.

Over the past near two decades, Barny’s taught federal agents, state agents and local law enforcement throughout the Bay Area. This is alongside teaching self defense techniques to prominent technology company employees from Fitbit, Google, Lucas Films and Pinterest.

He’s trained dozens of instructors who have achieved Black Belt honor ship from his coaching, undertaking multiple days of grueling examination by the heads of KMW.  In 2016, he completed his own Black Belt test, headed by Darren, certifying Barny as the oldest KMW individual to achieve this prominent status.

His commitment to teaching Krav Maga is solely directed on his focus to empower people who want to defend themselves against attackers. This accounts confidence building for individuals who have been subject to threats or attacks, and need to know the core skills to prevent this happening again. His programs (private and group classes of all belt levels) are designed to give people the tools for multiple scenarios including bar fights, random street threats and defense against all types of weapons from guns, sticks and knives in large or enclosed spaces.

Barny originally trained in San Quan Do, a Chinese Boxing method of traditional martial arts, where he ranked as a Senior Student. As a Marine Vietnam veteran, he originally trained vets with both martial arts and Krav Maga skills. Seeing how powerful Krav Maga is and the prime difference between this and martial arts, he’s focused on the former ever since.

The training facility he co-owns with his wife Gail, has maintained its stance for decades as the highest respected self defense school in the Bay Area, offering over 60 classes a week including Boxing/Bag, TRX, Conditioning, Yoga and Ground Fighting. Notorious for refusing to let injuries, age or weight size prevent individuals from learning Krav Maga, the classes are designed to build strength, stamina, logical self defense skill sets and with that, hundreds of students have been members for well over a decade.