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Went for the first time last night to get my booty kicked in the conditioning class.  The conditioning class was a full-body, non-stop work-out, complete with punching bags, rotating stations and burpees galore.  I liked the friendly vibe and working out with both guys and girls.  (Angie H)

I feel so incredibly powerful and confident now. I learned so much and will be forever grateful to Emily and the other instructors. Krav Maga is a great anger release as well! (Grace E, attended 2-day Women’s Empowerment Training September 2015)

I thought it was a fantastic class/workshop and I will definitely come back in October. (Holland B, attended 2-day Women’s Empowerment Training September 2015)

After taking this seminar, I feel like I have some basic skills to avoid & fight back if I need to. This was a great intro to Krav and it made me feel more powerful. (Jill H, attended 2-day Women’s Empowerment Training September 2015)

As you can see there are MANY valid reasons to give Krav Maga a try. Barney & Gail are super nice and this spot has many fitness classes, not just Krav Maga, offered throughout the week. Oh…and guys, if you want to meet some fit girls who can kick your ass…well…need I say more? (Hiromi N)

The best work out ever. They also have TRX, Cross Fit and Conditioning for those who don’t want to learn the best self defense skills. (Thierry H)

Fantastic instructors who really want to see you improve and will push you hard if they need to! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. As a female who is completely new to Krav, it didn’t feel intimidating at all. In fact, I learned a ton! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to give it a try. You will learn some very important self defense strategies along the way, plus it’s a great workout! (Q.C)

Coming from an novice experience of anything Krav or Conditioning, the Training Center really works you. What I love about this place is that it’s non-competitive. All the instructors are nice and want to see you improve. Plus the people here are really supportive of each other. The atmosphere is really nice and you definitely get your sweat on. (Ezequiel R)

Despite being able to kicka$$, none of them (trainers) have a chip on their shoulder. They push you and they push you hard, but they make all of of it a lot of fun. (Aryn B)

I found the instructors at KMSF to be consistently excellent. All were skillful at demonstrating the critical components of each technique and were attentive to detail. Furthermore, they exuded genuine passion for the discipline which was very inspiring. (Christine Chao)

The instructors are top notch — patient, knowledgeable, and excellent motivators. Classes are offered at convenient times. Barney, the owner, runs a tight ship and seems well respected. Highly recommended. (Will Helverstine)

It was fun to change up the routine and use things I normally wouldn’t have access to or know how to use on my own. I really enjoyed the instructor and highly recommend trying it out! (Kimberly Wiedermann)

Krav Maga is a realistic self-defense system that is easy to learn. The classes are a lot of fun and you get a great sweat in without even realizing it. What I like about this school is that the classes they offer are always challenging and fun. Whether it’s going from Level 1 Krav Maga and testing to higher levels of Krav Maga. (Michael Flanigan)

I love this place! It is the most fun work our ever! I started Krav Maga, which I love, but other classes are amazing too (Boxing, Conditioning). The classes are super fun, very practical (they teach self defense after all!), and very intense, so you stay fit and/or lose weight while having a ton of fun. (especially conditioning – if you want to get in shape quickly – every class will make you lose 4 lb!). (Valerie K)

It’s an awesome place to train! For fitness or for self defense and even yoga, this place is the best in the city! You get it all. (Google+ User)

I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I can’t stand being trained by people who are in worse shape than I am. The trainers at Krav Maga SF have years of experience and certifications in their various fields and nutrition. (Google+ User)

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