• Get in the best shape of your life
  • Learn the #1 self defense system in the U.S.
  • Unlimited access to 70+ Classes 7 Days
  • 5 Rooms 2 Floors
  • CrossFit • JiuJitsu • Kettle Bells • Yoga • TRX • KM Conditioning • KO Bag • Krav Maga (levels 1-6) • Ground Fighting
  • Weight room access
  • Referral Bonuses! ($20 Krav Bucks per Referral)
  • 1 Week Access to All Krav Maga WorldWide Facilities Nationwide

Our members regularly take 1, 2 or 3 hour classes back-to-back, whether it’s maybe Level 1 and 2 Krav Maga or a Level 4 Krav Maga followed by TRX. The more you train at Krav Maga, San Francisco, the stronger your confidence and body becomes. We’re a pure replacement for the gym as we have a weight room, cardio classes and Navy Seal style training (TRX). Every day, our facilities are inundated with members who have varying experience levels – whether they’re new to Krav Maga or have been training with us for over a decade. We have no ego and this is a reflection on our members. You will regularly see a Level 6 Krav Maga member in a Level 1 class, fine tuning their basic skills.

Your fitness level may be at the lowest and you have no training skills. We focus on what you CAN do from the moment you come into our classes. If your stomach is not in shape, our trainers make sure you work to the best of your ability while you feel and see your core strengthen. Our trainers take extreme pride in working with members who have injuries so just tell the instructor at the start of the class, and they will guide you. Your health is our priority.

Remember, we are not a martial art. Krav Maga is a way of life in protecting yourself and your loved ones when attacked directly with hands, weapons or a fight breaks out in a crowded space. The more you train, the more you become empowered…the more you will enjoy Krav Maga with us.