FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Krav Maga

2. I am totally out of shape. Can I handle this training?

3. Is Krav Maga a good idea for a woman?

4. I see there are a few schools out there. What makes Krav Maga Academy special?

5. How do we train self defense safely?

6. I already have a gym membership – is Krav Maga good for fitness AND Self Defense?

7. Do you train children?


FAQ 1. What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a proven advanced Israeli self defense system designed to give real solutions to any violent situation you may encounter. The effectiveness of this system is, in part due, to its simplicity and reliance on your already existing instincts. You are using your strongest body parts against your attacker’s weakest. The science behind Krav Maga is remarkable.


FAQ 2. I am totally out of shape.
Can I handle this training?

The training at Krav Maga, San Francisco is physically challenging, we won’t lie!  However, every exercise, drill, or technique is designed to help you improve – no matter what fitness level you are currently in. We are here to support you every step of the way and you will feel an incredible sense of achievement when you learn new techniques. It’s worth the burn and ache like no other training you’ll get.  After two classes at Krav Maga, your gym will feel like a kids sandbox in comparison so do you want to play in the sandpit or do you really want to try something that will empower you, build your stamina and introduce you to incredible members, encouraging you at every step?


FAQ 3. Is Krav Maga a good idea for a woman?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Krav Maga, by definition gives a smaller/weaker person real life street advantage against a larger/stronger assailant. Women are natural targets for various assaults, from domestic violence to robberies and attacks of a sexual nature, date-rapes and stalkers. Martial arts rely on a person’s strength and size for advantage. Krav Maga isn’t a martial art, it’s a way of self defense and protection, giving you the edge you need to never be a part of a statistic. Our female members have all shapes and sized bodies. They learn, guided by our incredible trainers, on how to use their strongest limbs to fight attackers and build core strength. Whether you’re 5′ tall and petite or 5’10” and classic pear shaped – we don’t care. What we care about is that you are confident, strong and learn how to defend yourself, while you get fit.


FAQ 4. I see there are a few schools out there. What makes Krav Maga San Francisco special?

Krav Maga, San Francisco is the only school in the Bay Area where every single instructor is certified by the top instructors in the U.S. We’re the first Krav Maga Worldwide school to open in the U.S.  We do not water down the system. You learn the same techniques Israeli Special Ops, SEALS and FBI agents learn to be able to protect themselves. Our equipment is top of the line. The most realistic weapons, the best sparring gear and the highest level protective gear – we save nothing in our goal to bring forth the most realistic training in the safest conditions. Our members are die-hard fans, you’ll see them regularly and will work together, regardless of whether you’re new and they’ve been coming to our facilities for 10 years.


FAQ 5. How do we train self defense safely?

We maintain the highest level of safety procedures, training equipment and protective gear to make sure you will not get injured during class. Krav Maga is an dynamic training method and as such, risk of injury always exists. As long as you follow the instructor’s guidance, maintain self control and use common sense, the risk of injury drops significantly. You will experience a unique ache after each class, as you’ll be using different muscles, muscles you didn’t know you had! It’s a good ache…trust us. Taking two or three classes back-to-back will increase your stamina so you can pace yourself. Most of our regulars do this – some of them, with injuries, simply take Yoga and Bag KO Class until their healed and ready for Krav Maga again. It’s that simple.


FAQ 6. I already have a gym membership – is Krav Maga good for fitness as well as self defense?

When you become a member of Krav Maga, San Francisco you will have no further need for any other gym membership – we’re a pure replacement for your gym, and then some. We offer unlimited access to our fitness classes, which includes TRX suspension training, Conditioning, Bag Classes, Yoga, Ground Fighting, Hardcore Max and Circuit Xtreme.  Our fitness classes are designed to build a stronger, leaner physique while building confidence, stamina and muscle memory. In addition, practicing Krav Maga regularly engages your entire body and provides an intense strength and cardiovascular workout. Our rates are competitive and what you gain at Krav Maga, San Francisco is more than you’ll ever achieve in a gym.


FAQ 7. Do you train children?

Yes we have a kids program ages 6-12 Tuesday & Thursdays @ 4:30PM.

In summary: Krav Maga, San Francisco will train your body and brain to be strong & powerful against an attacker. Regardless of how fit (or not) you are, we work on building you into great shape while you have fun learning new techniques in all our classes. It’s a great work out to decompress/reduce stress from a long day at the office and also ideal for someone who’s been attacked in the past – looking to gain more confidence and overcome the psychological hurdles they’ve been subject to as a result. A gym doesn’t even come close to the energy we have in Krav Maga – our members have the highest respect for each other and our exceptional trainers. This shows the moment you walk into our training facility – we’re all rooting for each other, whether it’s from doing Conditioning burpees, to learning gun defense, weight strength Cross Fit training or spiritually enhanced yoga. We push you hard but you will see the results. Every achievement, we’re right behind you…as a team. There’s nothing better than a good punch to a bag on a Friday evening class after a long week!