Breaking the Bully

Help give your child knowledge, strength and courage in this 2 hour anti bullying seminar for young people. (ages 8 to 12)

Every parent wants to know that their children can handle what life throws at them, especially when they are by themselves outside the home, at school or with friends. This 2 hour Krav Maga self defense seminar will help give your child the the knowledge to avoid and de-escalate potentially risky situations, the strength to walk away from trouble, and the courage to stand up for themselves when they need to.

Good kids often don’t know how to handle these types of situations. It is critically important that every young person knows how to prevent being bullied or attacked by other children or even abducted by an adult. Finally if the situation requires it, they need to know how to physically defend themselves.

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Date and time:
Saturday, October 28th, 2017
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Price: $29

Krav Maga Training Center
1455 Bush Street, San Francisco

About the teacher

Krav Maga Instructor David Ruiz teaches our Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes for young people ages 8 to 12. David has been with KMSF since 2012 and is a Green Belt level instructor. He also teaches adult Level 1 and 2 classes. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and has 2 sons in middle school. David feels that Krav Maga is the ideal self defense system for young people because "we go one step beyond what is taught in school and teach kids what to do when avoidance and de-escalation don’t work. We teach them how to react to a physical altercation or threat when there is nowhere to run and no one to help."