April is

Sexual assault awareness month


It’s About Empowerment

 1:30 pm on April 29th
second seminar at 2:30pm

Space is limited SIGN UP NOW!

Krav Maga San Francisco is offering a 1 hour seminar

to give you some tools to use if you ever need them.

We have spent the last 17 years teaching
thousands of people how to defend themselves.

Sign – Up today space is limited 

Saturday April 29th 1:30PM
second seminar at 2:30pm

Cost is $20 and all proceeds are being donated to La Casa de la Madres.  They will be here to help and hand out information.

La Casa de la Madres info –  lacasa.org

The La Casa de la Madres Mission

The mission of La Casa de las Madres is to respond to calls for help from domestic violence victims, of all ages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We give survivors the tools to transform their lives. We seek to prevent future violence by educating the community and by redefining public perceptions about domestic violence.

La Casa de las Madres acts boldly to create a community where violence against women and children is not tolerated.  We envision a society in which all individuals and families have equal access to basic resources and asset-building opportunities.  In our future, safety and respect in intimate relationships are the norm.

To achieve this future, La Casa offers a continuum of comprehensive and empowering services to women, teens, and children exposed to and at risk of abuse.  We provide access, tools and support—clinical and peer-based—that strengthen their ability to affect change and break the cycle of violence.

At our core, La Casa is an empowerment program.  We inform and facilitate transitions, investing participants with the fortitude and skills to articulate their needs, access healing resources, and build sustainable lives free of violence.

The San Francisco Spine Pain Relief Center

Dr Lonna Denny will be here supporting LaCasa. Since opening in 2002, The San Francisco Spine Pain Relief Center, a Denny Chiropractic Corp. has been providing exceptional individualized chiropractic care to our patients. We specialize in treating sports injuries, auto accidents, and people who have not found a resolution to their health issues elsewhere. Our greatest joy is resolving problems for our patients, especially those who have previously tried other care providers without finding relief. sfchiro.org

No experience necessary.

Sign up for Our One Hour Seminar

We don’t care how fit or healthy you are…
Our job is to teach you to defend yourself and attack the attacker

1:30 pm on April 29th


Space is Limited

Space is limited SIGN UP NOW!

 Also, Health Fair, La CAsa referals
and raffle to win 1 month #KMSF membership or a wine basket
all participants get a 1 week free membership
Raffle Tickets $5

Krav Maga Training Center
1455 Bush Street, San Francisco

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*All proceeds donated to La Casa De Las Madres

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